Finding the perfect bra for breast implants

Changing one’s breast size surgically can be life changing for a woman. Undergoing breast augmentation affects the person’s life in drastic ways. One of those changes is seen in the way one approaches exercises. Being able to return to exercise is a significant milestone after breast augmentation. Finding the right sports bra after breast implants isn’t always easy. The Sports Bra you used to wear will not fit properly or provide the level of support you need for your new breasts. Instead of just wearing any old sports bra, you will want to protect the health of your breasts. You’ll need a high quality, well designed sports bra that offers both support and comfort.

Finding the perfect bra after implants

Though an agreement is reached with the doctor about your desirable size, but various factors influence the final bra size that you will end up with. Implants provide a ‘full’ cup and tend to run wider than a natural breast. Your existing breast tissue prior to surgery also needs to be allowed for. These factors can often result in you needing a larger cup size than what you and your doctor originally agreed on.

Compression or Encapsulation Sports bra?

Compression sports bras primarily limit the in and out movement of breasts with secondary stabilization of upwards and sidewards movement. This secondary support, if insufficient (larger busted, high intensity activity) may cause strain on the delicate Coopers ligaments (supportive ligaments in the breast that help keep them perky!).

Compression may give the feeling of support as your breasts are pushed tightly together against the chest, but immobilization is not support. They do not fully support the ligaments and other connective tissues that hold the breast in position.

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For ladies with breast implants we highly recommend an encapsulation style sports bra, or one that uses both compression and encapsulation. These bras have deeper, shaped, or moulded cups. They support each breast separately and hold them snugly in place. An encapsulation style sports bra will protect your implants from being squeezed unnecessarily. They will also take the burden off the delicate breast ligaments and tendons. It is best to avoid S-M-L sizing and looks for sports bras that have specific back and cup sizes like traditional everyday bras. This provides more sizing options to allow for your fuller breast implants.

Factors to consider before buying bras for breast implants

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Shoulder Straps Adjustable shoulder straps allow greater customisation to create a better fit and level of support based on your body shape. Straps that are set widely apart and are wider or padded are more comfortable and prevent your implants being squashed towards your cleavage. Some racer back styles can pull the breasts closer to the body which may not be as comfortable with implants, but this does depend on the overall design of the sports bra.
Band Width and Closures Approximately 70% of support from a sports bra comes from the band. It is important that the band fits flat against your torso and does not move around as you move in different directions. Sports bras with a back closure offer greater customisation of fit and comfort compared to sports bras that are put on over the head and have no closure.
Wirefree or Underwired? It is recommended to start with a wire-free sports bra after breast augmentation surgery. Once you have completely healed and have your surgeons nod, you can progress to underwired bras. However we have found that as implants can be wider than natural breasts, the shape of the underwire isn’t always of a great fit and the non wired sports bras can be more comfortable.
We hope the information above is useful in helping you choose an appropriate sports bra after having breast implants. However the sports bras you ultimately choose will also vary a lot based on personal preference of style, colour etc. And basic trial and error, while remembering these tips, will solve all your breast implant related problems.

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