What is the Smallest Bra Size?

Comfort and beauty are two qualities that define intimate wear. Both of these depend on how one feels in their intimate clothes. Our bodies being all different, we require intimate wear that is just as different too. That often is the problem with intimate wear like bras. Though there are enough options for the “regular” cup sizes, the smaller side of the spectrum isn’t paid enough attention to. The persons with smaller chests face problems in this department quite often.

Persons with smaller cup sizes are often unaware of the cup sizes available. To make matters worse, people wrongly ridicule these persons that they bras are unnecessary for these. In this article, we try to get rid of this ridicule and answer questions about the smallest bra size.

Do Small Breasts need support?

Short answer? Obviously they do! Long answer? No matter what size the breasts are, they need support. You should know that petite busts also need support. Supporting the breasts with the bra is necessary and healthy. Always remember breasts are the organs that need support, and that is why the underwire bras are specially made to provide support.

What’s wrong if I Wear the Wrong Bra Size?

Benefits of wearing a perfect sized bra are plenty. But the benefits of wearing bras and wearing perfect size bra are not the same. Wearing bras is always good, but you should select the right size bra.

A wrong size bra is never good for your breast health. Tightly fitted bras are not ideal and, at the same time, lose fitting bras are not also advised to wear because it has many demerits. So, selecting the perfect size is definitely an important thing.

What is the smallest bra size?

All bra size charts have many sizes to choose from but they are limited to the “regular” sizes. Most of the charts, start from the cup size ‘’A’’. A indicates the cup size that is 1 inch. But there also other two sizes below that are AA and AAA. That means when the cup size is smaller than the 1 inch; you would fit in either AA or AAA for the perfect sized bra. Most of the girls wear the wrong size bra, which is not good at all.

We know that the smallest bra cup size does not mean the least amount of support or material. Nor do smaller busts call for bare minimum effort. Instead of modifying measurements of larger sizes without accommodating for differences in build, smaller bras are designed with you specifically at the forefront.

Wearing a well-chosen bra is the best thing a woman can do for her boobs. Not only for aesthetics but also health reasons. We do not think about it on a daily basis. We do it only when we feel discomfort due to uncomfortable bras. In the past there were only four sizes of bras, today there are several dozen of them. Now we have a chance to choose the most perfect bra.

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