Tight workout clothes or loose- what are better for you?

Activewear and sportswear are two common trends that are widely used today by people of all ages. It seems that there is certain clothing for every sports activity you could possibly imagine. But how can you orient yourself around this big picture and make the right choice for you based on your work out preferences, body type, and other essential factors? One of the most popular questions when it comes to choosing clothing equipment for sports is whether to go for tight or loose clothes. Although there is no right or wrong answer, we wanted to present all the details related to the risks of choosing to wear clothes that are too tight or too loose and allow you to make an informed decision for yourselves.

The drawback of wearing workout clothes that are too tight

Exercise clothing is mostly created using breathable and stretchable fabrics with the purpose of providing more flexibility and ease of movement. However, if you fail to choose your yoga leggings or jogging tights in the right size, they may lead to discomfort in certain areas and lead to more serious issues in the future, especially if you’ve suffered physical trauma in the past. The zones that you should watch out for include the hips, the waist, or stomach. Let’s take a look at each separately.
  1. Hip problems due to tight clothes
Wearing gym clothes that are too tight around the hips can lead to discomfort and negative impacts at the hip joints and also influence the spine. Medically speaking, damaging the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh can cause meralgia paresthetica, a serious condition, which is a result of injury but may also occur if too much pressure is put on the area.In addition, if your daily tasks involve a lot of standing or your exercises involve a lot of leg work, the issue can become even worse. Try to stay away from low riding pants as well as they may compress the back nerves if their height isn’t appropriate.
  1. Waist issues arising from clothes that are too tight
Exercise pants or tops that are too tight around the waist can result in acid reflux, yeast infections in women if they are tight in the groin and erectile and fertility issues in men. The main reason behind these conditions arising is excessive moisture as a result of sweating or increasing body temperature while working out.
In addition to the hips and waist, the stomach should also be paid close attention to when it comes to wearing the right sportswear. Putting too much pressure on the area can lead to heartburn, inflammation, ulcers, or bladder leakage.

Risks of wearing clothes that are too loose

Of course, there is nothing wrong with loose sportswear and in some cases, it is actually a preferable choice over tight clothing. However, it is important to keep some boundaries in mind to avoid overdoing it. As you can imagine, wearing tight clothing is more closely associated with physical harms to the body whereas loose clothing can become a reason for a number of harms, which may not be related to internal discomfort but may still be dangerous.For example, if your clothing is too loose it can easily get in the way of your workout by causing tripping or falling. Certain yoga pants that burst towards the bottom can get you in trouble by getting caught under the foot while moving. For the same reason, athletes and people participating in sports or exercises try to avoid loose drawstrings, sleeves, pants, or even long ponytails, which may cause discomfort and harm.

How to choose the right workout clothes

Now that you are familiar with all the risks associated with wearing clothes that are too tight and clothes that are too loose, it is up to you to make the right choice and choose a pair of sportswear that is just the right fit.The design of the clothing will always be created with the purpose of offering a more compact or loose look but crossing the border on either end will not bring anything positive your way. When choosing the right sports clothing, remember that your sports gear is there to support you and allow you to push forward with your physical goals. It should be an extension of the body and should provide all the freedom for you to perform at your best.
Try to spend enough time trying out your next outfit before you hit the gym or the yoga studio to ensure that you’ve made the right choice. And remember, a pair of leggings and a sports bra will always do the trick. Just make sure they fit right and leave enough room for you to breathe, move, and be yourself!

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