Are patterned leggings still in fashion in 2021? And how to wear them?

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Leggings have been among us for ages now. They have been the go to choice for women of all ages. For women of all professions. Leggings have been providing comfort and style to all workout outfits and street wear alike. And we already know that yoga pants are still in fashion, leggings too make their rounds in our closets all the time. But what about patterned leggings? Patterned leggings are simply leggings with loud or subtle patterns. They add that extra oomph factor to all our outfits. But they are often mistaken for being too attention seeking. So how does one wear patterned leggings?

Outfits with Patterned Leggings

It’s no wonder really, especially when it comes to patterned leggings as they leave plenty of room to experiment with different outfit looks. You can wear them with regular tops, cropped ones, jackets or cardigans. They go well with sneakers, flats and some designs also look great with high heels. When compared to monochromatic leggings, or “regular” leggings, the patterned ones are only suitable to wear with tops, if you ask us. You should really steer clear of skirts or dresses with this type of legging. We are all for wearing what makes you feel more comfortable and confident, so if you must wear them, then turn to designs with subtle prints. If we were to look at this in regards to different seasons, you can wear leggings in any month of the year. With so many designs that range from thick to super thin, they’re a great summer option, too. So finally, let’s start with the list of outfits with patterned leggings!
  1. Tops
With the right attitude (and jewelry, sometimes), any top will look good with leggings. Especially T-shirts. You can choose solid colors or themed T-shirts, whichever you prefer best. If you love wearing shirts, like chambray ones, which are wide and hip-length, it is very easy to put together a great casual outfit. And with added comfort of the shirt, this whole outfit with patterned leggings is your best shot at feeling cozy. When winter rolls around, sweatshirts, pullovers and slouchy sweaters look great with patterned leggings. We would also suggest you look for themed leggings, such as ones with winter designs. This will give off that cozy and comfy vibe to your outfit. This way you’ll have an outfit that is comfortable from head to toe. Long sweaters are also a stylish option, more so if you’d rather not show off too much of the print.
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  1. Shoes
When paired with shoes in the style of Vans, patterned leggings with almost any top will truly shine. Style the leggings with a loose top and get ready for casual day of shopping. Pair them with a crop top and you are set to steal any scene. Get a loose cardigan in the mix and you are ready for a warm and cozy night in with the girls. You can never go wrong with patterned leggings and a pair of Vans. If Vans aren’t your way to go, get a pair of white or pearly white sneakers and jump off to the fashion street. And if you have a night-out, put on heels and you are all set. Night-outs are when we ditch the sneakers and get ready for the runway. Pair the leggings and a similar colored heel and elongate those legs for days! Accessorise minimally and dance the night away.
  1. Jackets
Jackets go very well with patterned leggings and you can experiment with different looks. From black leather jackets, to a fringe, cowboy-style one, it is difficult to go wrong. Of course, depending on the look you are going for, or the occasion the outfit is put together for, there are a few things we would suggest. For an everyday look, rocker-style jackets look beautiful with most tops. They also work for night-out outfits, so you have a 2-in-1 jacket to wear.
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  1. Accessories
Most looks you can create with patterned leggings are either ones for gym or casual. This does not mean you cannot match accessories. We’re not just talking about earrings, a watch or a simple bracelet. Statement pieces, such as chain necklaces look great with most tops and military-pattern leggings, just to give you an idea. As for bags, clutches are always in style and you can’t really go wrong with them. Whether you are wearing a casual or formal outfit, a clutch bag looks great. Conclusion Outfits with patterned leggings are quite easy to wear with the above tips. One word of caution goes to opt for see through leggings. The best outfit is always the one that makes you the most comfortable no matter where you are.

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