5 best places to shop for petite activewear

Activewear is now all the rage. Various styles and fits and patterns are available in this wide range of active wear. But our petite girls are somehow missing out on this trend. The main reason for it being that activewear is commonly made with an inseam of 31 inches which is appropriate for women of heights 5’4’’ and above. But petite women under that height are at a loss.
Some petite women now have to go to the kid’s department to look for petite work out clothing, which is ok once in a while, but junior’s clothing cannot compare to sophisticated looking petite work out clothing that are meant to be worn by women under 5’4”.
Hence here we have compiled the 5 best places to shop for petite work out clothing at price range from low, medium to high to fit the needs of petite women with various budget in mind.

5 Best Places to Buy Petite Activewear

  1. Old Navy

When you think of Old Navy, what comes to mind might be T-shirts, casual dresses and sweat pants, and you may not associate it with activewear. Actually, Old Navy carries a full line of petite clothing for not just petite dresses, jeans, and tops, but also petite maternity clothing and petite activewear. In fact, this is one of the best places to find well priced and well designed petite activewear that many petite women did not know about.

They carry high waisted style petite workout pants, which are very flattering for petite girls who want their legs look longer.

Price range: $23-$33

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  1. Gap

Many of us know that Gap has a full petite clothing line, just like Old Navy, but they offer higher quality petite activewear at a slightly higher price. They have some high rise designs that are meant to be “waist changer”, i.e. engineered panels shape and smooth your mid section and hips so that you look and feel amazing during your work out. They have regular, tall and petite length for these pants, which is great news for petite women.

Price range: $69-$79

  1. Athleta

This is one of the most traditional places to shop for petite activewear and also my personal favorite. What I like about it is they offer full range of work out clothing for petite women (as well as tall and plus sizes), including tops, bottoms and dresses. So, that means, we can not only find petite work out pants which are cut shorter, but also tops and dresses proportioned for our petite body frame.
Their quality is pretty good, and some quite comparable to Lulu Lemon. They use fine quality stretchy and breathable materials which make your movement easier in yoga glasses or other workouts. They have plenty of choices of high rise and mid rise designs which have the leg elongating effect for petite women. Their full length inseam length for petite work out pants is around 24 inches, which fits petite women nicely.
Price range: $79-$89

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  1. Sweaty Betty

They carry a petite line for shorter ladies and they call on petite girls to rejoice the yoga pants, running leggings and workout tops that are perfect for petite figures. They have not only yoga pants and work out leggings, but also outdoor activity wear such as merino pants and North Pole Parka- all proportioned to suite petite women’s work out needs. Their price point is $135 for a pair of 7/8 length leggings and $85 yoga top, a little above the economical brands.

  1. Lulu Lemon

The loyalty following of this brand speaks highly of its quality. Although to others, Lulu Lemon’s prices might be a little steep. They do not have a “petite activewear section” per se, but they do have some 7/8 designs with inseam of 25inches, which works for women under 5’4”.
According to the company, their higher price range is justified by the type of cotton and raw materials that they use are different. For example, combed cotton is a much higher quality material and also much more expensive to manufacture and therefore used by Lulu lemon to produce higher quality clothing. If you are looking for great quality petite work out clothing, by all means check it out.
Price range: $98-$118

Picture courtesy: Lulu Lemon

Activewear is especially necessary now as more and more people are looking for a healthier life. Brands like the ones mentioned above are letting petites also a chance to shine with their activewear for petites. Check these brands out and get ready to work it out in style.

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