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Fashion statements are ever changing and so are our needs. Some staples dominate our closets for years on end like yoga pants or flared leggings. These are also what bring into existence, newer forms of fashion. Active wear is one such example. With a growing concern for health amongst individuals, the demand for comfortable active wear increased. But what exactly qualifies as active wear?

In this article, we will look into activewear in more detail and see what defines it in reality. We will also make some useful suggestions on preparing an outfit based on the trend and explore where we can use its benefits.

What is Activewear?

In the simplest words possible, activewear can be defined as: “Activewear is casual, comfortable clothing suitable for sport or exercise.” However, the reality behind activewear is certainly not so simple. Yes, it may refer to clothes created with the purpose of being worn during physical exercise, sports, or other outdoor activities. But is that all that there is to it?

Activewear were always meant to be worn for workouts, no doubt. But with changing lifestyles, the usual active wear user audience broadened highly. This new audience went way beyond the usual users like athletes. With this increase in range, the need for more comfortable clothes came to the fore. And a quest for a balance began. This search only ended with activewear and its comfort and its versatility for exercises.

Hitting that perfect balance is where activewear comes in. It is the perfect way to stay stylish and at the same time have the comfort and freedom of movement necessary for you to go through your planned workout. No matter how tight or loose the activewear, you are assured to stay comfortable.

Activewear gives you the opportunity to stay healthy, active, and stylish without having to compromise on any of these points.

Activewear and Sportswear- What’s the difference?

The other main category of clothing popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts is sportswear. A common question that arises is whether sportswear and activewear are the same things, and if not – what’s the difference between them? They are used for similar purposes, as workout wear that is, but the key differences are what set them apart. We will discover that they do have their differences and unique purposes.

While activewear is usually created from a sustainable material and includes clothing pieces such as parkas, hoodies, pants, crew neck fleece sweaters, and more, sportswear includes any clothes, shoes, or accessories that have been created with the sole purpose of exercising or taking part in sports.

Comparing the flexibility of both styles, activewear prevails as the clothing is usually created to fit a wider range of physical activity types. Sportswear is not as flexible as its focus is solely on comfort and functionality, as well as keeping the temperature of the body as required by the sport or physical activity.

Thus the primary difference is that activewear aims to provide a comfortable transition to casual attire and its chosen fabrics, clothing cuts, and styles show it. If you’re someone who loves to spend time outdoors but you appreciate the importance of fashion and looking stylish at the same time – then activewear is certainly something you should try.

Which Activewear is in fashion in 2021?

Activewear is loved in all its forms but some favourites have reigned the scene for long. Two of those favourites are obviously the leggings and the sports bra. They are a staple favourite and our often accessorised quite flexibly.

Extremely flexible in terms of style, a pair of high-waist leggings can be used for both sports purposes and more casual scenarios, such as going to the cinema with friends or dining in the local restaurant. Due to their high stretch abilities, leggings are a perfect choice for even the most demanding sports classes. These leggings outfits can be made with a pair of trainers but can also go well with heels or boots, depending on the color you have selected. The plainer the color – the better suited your leggings will be for a casual event.

The sports bra is used even beyond the active wear realm. Some consider the sports bra a piece of clothing that remains hidden beneath your top or sweater. However, this cannot be further from the truth. Sports bras can be worn separately. Their purpose is different from that of standard bras, which are considered underwear. Combining a pair of high-waist leggings with your favorite sports bra, covered by a causal cardigan is a clever way to cover two things at once – being dressed for the gym and at the same time being stylish enough to take on any other events you have afterwards.

Activewear is a popular and trendy way of dressing for people of all ages, cultures, and origins. If you still haven’t tried activewear, we highly recommend it! Begin with the ever versatile pair of high waisted leggings and sports bra and you’ll be back to activewear for more!

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